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Best Sex Is Experienced With Confidence

It has been a fact that good looking people is more confident, be it in dealing with other people, public speaking, leadership skills and even in bed during sex.

Looking good does not necessarily meant that you must have the boy next door face of a celebrity, or the timeless beauty of a princess, to look good, one must be smartly dressed, simple but for the occasion, not over or under dressed, also one must be well groomed and most likely well taken cared skin, may you be light toned, tanned, or African-American skinned, of course you need to have confidence in yourself, not the show off type, better the humble type yet smart. Source for more about porn.

So when you are confident, you can easily land a job, or close business deals with clients and set your career path to a better course and climb up the corporate ladder easier and faster. When talking in front of your staff or even in a large group, they would listen to you attentively and have focus if you are neat and commands authority even just standing firm in front is a big difference.

When you go to bars or night clubs, you will be noticed easier if you have that aura and confidence, and even getting a hook up would not be a problem to you, and your performance in bed would also matter when you are full of confidence, even your dick is just average and not a hung, but then your partner would feel satisfied and well taken cared of if you know how to maneuver and make your partner feel the climax.

So you must learn from now on, how to look good and be a more confident person be it at work, in your bed or whose bed you might be in.

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The Need for Love and a Relationship

When someone opens up a topic about love everybody else can come up with a comment or a reaction. We all think we know a thing or two about love. But when somebody initiates a topic about love affairs, meaning a cheating husband or a cheating wife everybody else gets furious especially the legal wives. Can you blame them? Not really because automatically they would imagine being in that situation wherein their husband is sleeping with somebody else. If I think about it, it certainly will hurt if my wife does it to me or found someone who is better than me and hides it or worse she is not happy with me anymore and pretends she does and found happiness from someone else. I do not know how I would handle it if that happens to me. More information on porn on

In the first place why get into a relationship and then cheat? I mean I don't get the logic of making someone believe you love him or her and hurt them. According to some research there are certain people who likes to collect because it makes them feel good about themselves. There are also some because of their unpleasant childhood watching their father going with different women or witnessing their mother be with a different guy constantly. I guess what I am trying to say is there is a story behind why a person does what he or she does but that should not be the reason to involve someone innocent. Cases like having an affair mostly happen to men as studies show that men are polygamous by nature. But can we really use this excuse to cheat? Personally, men cheat because they can't keep it in their pants.

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